Southlake Carroll Graduate Helps New Austin Startup Revolutionize Music Education for a Digital Age

Picardy Learning, a burgeoning company formed by music graduates from the University of Texas-Austin, has officially launched its innovative new web app to the general public. The Picardy app combines the power of interactive technology with a quality learning experience in music education. In so doing, it aims to alleviate one of the fundamental problems in modern education: teaching to individual students with unique points of view and different ways of learning.

The Picardy app helps students, regardless of age or skill level, build better music skills through active engagement with the curriculum. Picardy’s learning program emphasizes music theory, musicianship and “ear-training” to give students a better understanding in music education. “Starting to study composition, it was learning musicianship skills and music theory… that really made me a better composer or really made me understand music in general,” said Co-Founder (and Carroll Graduate) Cassandra Shankman. “It made me feel one with the music.”
Musicianship, more particularly, is stressed as a vital expression of the artform that is music. “Most people understand the technical side of learning music… the other side of that is learning how to take those from simply playing notes to really making music,” said Picardy Co-Founder Hermes Camacho. “The way I see it, somebody just doesn’t deliver a speech. They have to convince the audience of what they’re saying.”

By using games-based learning, the app promotes learning habits through a unique reward system tailored to the individual. The app is compatible with most web browsers, and comes mobile-ready for tech-savvy users. It also features a state-of-the-art user interface, with all of its content streaming to students for free. The company was founded in July 2013 in Austin, and the app was developed for beta testing in 2014 for five universities and a charter school in Texas.
For more information visit picardylearning.com