Encountering Art in Local Business

Original art enriches day-to-day life and adds a sense of connection to the world beyond our normal routine. It can offer, in a moment, an escape from our present reality. It can bring a touch of an emotion other than what we are currently experiencing. Art can, if we allow it to, expand our gaze and adjust our perspective on the day. In this collection of thoughts, we are going to explore three local businesses that have embraced original art and sculpture in their public spaces.

Our first sampling of this is the new Forest Park medical facility in Southlake. Here you find fresh architecture and grand volumes of spaces to navigate on your journey to quality healthcare. The sculpture in the waiting area offers an opportunity to break from the thoughts we have and allow our mind to wander a bit as our eyes traverse the combination of gentle and harsh silhouettes as they climb upward. The modeling of the paint finish and the distress shown will stop the eye for a moment and then you continue to take in the work put into this sculpture. You question the damaged sections and the textured surfaces. You may begin to identify with the emotion of the piece and find solace in the not-so-perfect display of energy. It may, in contrast, make you notice the sleekness of the furnishings around it, and the crisp architecture. Regardless of your exact thoughts, if you allowed it to interrupt your mission, for a moment, you took a breath and a break from your task… wasn’t that refreshing?

Our next look takes us to a double dose of local artist Deanna Kienast and two of her works found among many original pieces hanging at Revelation Wellness Center in Southlake. As you meander through the clinic, it’s difficult not to notice the attention to detail in the design and the selection of the original art on display there. The art evokes a sense of deep care and affection for the clinic. The feeling transfers to both first time and repeat clients in the form of understanding that you are in an environment that was meticulously designed and executed. That feeling conveys the thoughts that “if the caregivers go to this extreme for the clinic, they will do the same for me and my experience here.” Deanna’s artwork was commissioned specifically for the clinic, and each have a unique and unified message to the clinic’s mission. I would encourage you to stop by and see them in person, take them in within the environment they were created for, and read the artist’s own words about the emotion and energy and passion poured into each work.

Finally, we arrive at DFW Audi and are greeted by a mammoth carved granite sculpture commissioned for the dealership. The opposing curves rise from a solid block of red granite to produce a feast for the eyes, full of texture, form, and scale. Noticing that the raw and exposed mining lines are still intact at the base reminds us that we were all created from the earth – raw and unrefined. The craft, skill, and vision of the sculptor saw something more and painstakingly revealed the inner beauty and grace that was inside all along. I find myself resonating with the refinement process, still having a few rough edges, not forgetting where I came from, and excited about where I am headed. Isn’t that really how art should collide beautifully with our lives? Next time you see a publicly-displayed sculpture or piece of art, I challenge you to stop for a moment, appreciate the piece in its setting, breathe it in, and allow it to encounter your emotions. I hope that you find it a great breath of fresh wind in your day.

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