David Gappa Presents: Crystal Mist


David Gappa’s Crystal Mist is a new commissioned piece that was created to transform what could be seen as a typical commercial lobby into a reflective space that allows visitors to appreciate glass art in a whole new light. With each intricate detail that comes to life in this chandelier, it shows Gappa and his team’s commitment to the piece.

He and his team spent two months bringing this masterpiece to fruition. It is composed of a total of 245 spheres, 230 spires and 65 bowls and weighs in at 600 pounds! The 6-foot-in-diameter-by-14-foot-tall chandelier is featured in the Condo Lobby of Tapestry at Brentwood Town Center in Brentwood, Tennessee. The chandelier cascades from the ceiling and is the ultimate feature piece for the modern space.

“A special thanks to Interior Designer, Stephanie Moore Hager, for working hand-in-hand with me to create this incredible sea of cascading glass.” – David Gappa