About Us

“True prosperity is impossible without a thriving Arts community.”

- Ray Nasher

Founded in March 2013, Southlake Arts is the Bubble’s leading locally owned platform for The Arts.  Covering music, dance, theater, film, the visual arts, photography, interior design, architecture, fashion, cuisine, literature, community events and people from our community.  Southlake Arts goal is to raise awareness for all the arts with words and images to entertain, educate & inspire our community.  We bring stories from each area of the Arts in our city so that readers can become aware and involved with the growing culture in our home.  Delivered monthly to residents within our bubble and found in lobbies & waiting areas throughout our city, Southlake Arts captures its readers with beautiful photography, balanced design and engaging stories.


630 E Southlake Blvd. #61

T (817) 993 9402

Facebook: facebook.com/southlakearts



Editorial & Internship